How To Increase Height With Yoga – 3 Basic Exercises

Parents chiding their children and trying to encourage them to eat their vegetables and drink their milk is something that almost every adult heard themselves when they were younger.

“Eating vegetables will make you stronger. Drinking milk will make you big and tall!” is something that actually wasn’t far from the truth.

Eating healthy while you were younger did help promote growth, but the same healthy diet as an adult has no effect on height at all.

Unfortunately people generally stop growing between the ages of 18-24 meaning that it is only downhill from there…or is it? Fortunately, there are ways to grow taller, and one of the ways is to increase height with yoga.


Increase Height With Yoga:

While the concept of growing taller with exercise and stretching may sound farcical, its actually quite possible. This is because, as an adult, there are many things that contribute to our stature and many things that can hinder our height.

Slouching/poor posture – poor posture is a massive reason for why people not only look shorter than they are, but also maintain that height over time. Poor posture and slouching can cause permanent damage over time!

Back problems – back problems such as pulled muscles, knots, slipping discs, and cartilage problems can all prevent us from standing up to our fullest height!

Obesity – being overweight has its effects on your back as well as the rest of your body. Your back has to support more weight and it takes its toll on your spine!

Poor back muscles – strong back muscles can properly support your spine and your discs preventing injuries and allowing you to stand up tall and straight well into old age!

Now, while yoga can’t physically add inches onto our height that wasn’t already there to begin with, it can allow people to dramatically improve their posture, prevent further damage, and maintain a healthy body – all of which are crucial factors that help determine our height!

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Losing weight:

When you exercise daily and practice yoga, you can shed pounds off your body, allowing your back to be relieved of an immense amount of pressure.

All of that excess weight can be causing severe back pain, as well as causing havoc throughout the rest of your body!

Building muscles:

As you get older, your bones become frail and the cartilage in your back actually decreases. If, however, you have strong back muscles supporting your spine, you can dramatically slow the decrease in cartilage and prevent losing inches off your height as well as ensuring that you have proper posture.


Correcting poor posture is one of the main benefits of yoga and can dramatically add inches onto your height. Once you realize that you were slouching and not standing properly, you’ll be surprised at not only the decrease in back pain, but also how proper you look with your newfound straight posture!

Simple yoga exercises to help you increase your height:

Now, let’s get to the nitty gritty and actually learn some yoga poses that can add inches onto your height!

1. Sukhasana:

This is the famous basic yoga pose that everybody is familiar with. It is a position that involves you sitting on the floor with your legs crossed.

Put your hands on your knees and let them rest gently.

Focus on ensuring that your back is straight by pushing your bottom and your knees towards the floor at the same time.

Control your breathing and repeat this several times.

2. Mountain Pose:

This pose focuses on you strengthening your body while also stretching everything in your back and spine.

To perform this move stand with your feet together and your spine straight.

Now, put your hands together and lift your arms up towards the ceiling forcing your palms as high up as possible.

Raise your heels and stand on your toes before dropping down and returning to your original standing position.

3. Downward facing dog pose:

This popular pose will definitely help relieve the pressure on your spine as well as reduce your stress!

To begin this pose, put your hands and knees on the ground making sure that your knees are in line with your hips.

Next, put your palms on the ground and lift your knees off the ground supporting the weight of your body with your toes and hands.

Push your bottom towards the ceiling as much as you can while keeping your head between your arms facing the ground. After a few breaths, slowly return onto your hands and knees and repeat as needed.

There are many more!

The above 3 yoga exercises to grow taller is just scratching the surface. There are many many more. Besides getting taller, yoga offers many other benefits from the spiritual to mental to the physical. You should really try it. This is a great site that shows you how to do the poses properly.

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