High Heels For Men: Elevator Shoes

I have always thought women are so lucky in that they can boost their height 2~6″ instantly by wearing high heels.

Not only do they look taller , but they can do so openly and without criticism.

This gives women a huge advantage over shorter men because men cannot wear high heels. But now there are high heels for men, the elevator shoes.

Elevator shoes works like high heels for women, but with one incredibly important difference. Whereas women’s high heels are obvious and open, elevator shoes are discrete and hidden. This allows a short man to catch up to the women in heels easily and instantly.

How do elevator shoes work?

High heels for men has a special height increasing insole that are much thicker than the regular insole. The insoles can be many different materials, but typically made from some kind of foam or rubber material and can be anywhere from 1/2″ to 3″.  Add this to the typical 1/2″ to 1″ heels, and you’re talking about 1~4 inches of instant lift!

The best part is, the lift comes from the insoles so it’s hidden and discrete. Although you can add the special insoles to practically any kind of shoes, shoes not designed for the insoles will be uncomfortable, bulky, and your feet will tend to slip out.

Elevator shoes like these are made with the height boosting insole in mind so it will accommodate the insoles with no indications of this lift from the outside.

Are they comfortable?

Who cares if they don’t feel like Nike air max’s? You’re not going to play basketball in these shoes and they’re not totally unbearable to wear that you can’t walk around in them. You have to sacrifice a little bit of function for form.

Ask any woman if high heels are comfortable and 100% would tell you it is not. Even with a low lift insole of 1″, your heels will be above the soles of your feet so it will never feel as natural or comfortable as a pair of running shoes.

The 2″ and above insoles feel exactly like i would imagine a woman’s high heeled shoes would feel like.

Some women claim platform shoes are quite comfortable, and they probably are because the whole length of the foot are on a flat plane instead of the heel being higher.

However, you lose stability from the extra lift which makes running or any kind of exertion difficult.

Unfortunately, high heels for men cannot this platform effect, because platform shoes, no matter how discretely made, will be obvious from the outside.

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The bad news is, if you’re ever in a position where you have to take off your shoes, you will be caught red handed.

The bad news…

This is embarrassing to say the least and does not look favorably on your image and ego. What will you say to your new girlfriend when she realizes you’re 3″ shorter than when she first met you?

For short guys, these discrete high heels for men will be a wardrobe essential, especially for a night out.

My recommendation is to stick to a smaller lift of around 1″. This will make you look and feel noticeably taller and will be comfortable enough for long term use.

Most people also will not really notice the difference with smaller lifts so you can wear it with more confidence. Just remember to come clean to your new girlfriend so you don’t have to answer that awkward inquisition.

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